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Rodes cafe study in white, blue and green




Sheyne Lucock


Formally leading on IT for Barking and Dagenham's School Investment Programme.


I have been sharing my photography on the photo-sharing website DigitalRev and Flickr.


A while ago I shared a Video in which I explain the advantages of using Supernova screens in education.


Past activity on the web includes publishing online the Barking and Dagenham Guide to Interactive Teaching Technologies, a work blog entry on the Inevitability of change in schools' ICT, a review of the Mobi View mobile interactive whiteboard, and a revisiting of Infotech, whch I published way back in 1988. I also argue that Interactive Whiteboards are the right technology used in the wrong way.


On my personal blog I have added a collection of drawings from two little sketch books that belonged to my Father before WW2. You can also see when I took a walk around my local Docklands neighbourhood, talked about my Grandfather and his volunteer work with the Rocket Apparatus, a painting of Moy Castle on the Isle of Mull, and what I feel about a cup of coffee and a good book.


Started on 1st January 2012

Wartime Diaries from 1942


1930s Fashion

A slide show of drawings from 1936-37.


17th Century Physician's Handbook

Treatments and remedies from a working Physician's handbook published in the 17th century.


Flickr Photostream

This has been getting a lot of hits lately, especially this lucky shot of clouds over London. I've been uploading a very eclectic collection of curious photos, some taken from old family prints. Latest additions are a set of wall paintings in Philadelphia, some Native American Indian paintings on sandstone, and my favourite plants and flowers. I have also added two sets of photographs with evocative colours - one from Morocco, and the other from various places around the world.


360 degree panoramas from Summer 1999

A joint project with North Carolina DPI Instructional Technology

Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Greenwich Park

Trafalgar Square

London Docklands KGV Lock

Old Dagenham Council Chamber


Not strictly a panorama, but lending itself to the same presentation, is a painting on camel bone of Persians playing polo.



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